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  • A good time every time

  • 24th July 2013

  • When it comes to going out on a Friday night do you ever get a feeling of déjà vu? When I was in a long term relationship the end of the week discussion went something like this.

    Me: What do you fancy doing tonight?

    Her: How about the cinema?

    Me: What’s on?

    Her: Dunno really.

    Me: What about the pub?

    Her: So you can play pool with your mates?

    Me: Ahem, just a couple of frames.

    Her: A club would be good.

    Me: I’m not doing that salsa stuff again.

    And so it goes on, each and every Friday!

    You must know the score! Everything becomes a little same old, same...

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  • Give in to temptation

  • 17th July 2013

  • Have you ever dated a woman who was just so loving, so sweet, so adorable that all you wanted to do was be with her? I’m not talking about being in love or anything like that though I suppose what I am describing is a little similar to being ‘loved up’, that three month honeymoon period at the beginning of a relationship when a couple can’t get enough of each other and all the wild and adventurous physical stuff takes place. No, what I writing about today is those women who seem to have been put on to this earth...

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  • Nurture her slowly

  • 15th July 2013

  • At the risk of sounding silly and childish Jimmy gave a master class in the art of making love to a woman. Many men think of themselves as a great lover, a modern day Casanova with a book full of sexual tricks to make a girl beg for more. But in reality most guys are interested in their own pleasure first and the woman’s pleasure second, if at all! At least that is how it has been in my experience.

    But Jimmy tuned in to my reactions, his mouth and fingers expertly teasing and pleasing me, not only focussing on the...

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  • Show me a little interest tonight, it will be worth it

  • 11th July 2013

  • I often make tracks on a weekend, hitting the road with my friend Lena. We pack up the bikes, gleaming confections of painted and polished metal, a throbbing engine and fat tyres and head off to wherever the party is going to be. As Lena has quite a packed schedule – she is much in demand as a bi-sexual escort, as much with the laddies as with the guys, we tend to plan in advance so that she doesn’t disappoint any clients. It’s very important to her that she keeps her dates satisfied, content and fulfilled and a little bit...

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  • Curvaceous and confident

  • 9th July 2013

  • They say that curvaceous women are back in fashion due to the likes of mad Men on television and I can certainly see the appeal of the gorgeous red head Christina Hendricks. The woman is vivacious, beautiful, and very confident with the kind of figure that turns heads. I suppose she isn’t every man’s cup of tea and let’s face it a good deal of her allure comes from the character that she is playing, not to mention the very sexy sixties outfits she gets to wear. But there is a lot to be said for the age of glamour...

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  • Expert at seduction

  • 4th July 2013

  • I sat in the bar at Gatwick airport for thirty minutes before I spotted a promising opportunity. A middle aged man and his much younger wife walked in and sat in a secluded corner, a bottle of champagne fizzing before them. They were clearly going off on holiday and the bubbly marked the official start of the festivities. He was probably late forties or early fifties but dressed to appear younger. Stocky yet toned he clearly worked out regularly. I was particularly attracted by his smile. Though I couldn’t hear the conversation it was clearly flirtatious as he often rested...

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  • Sweet natured, sensual and ever so sexy

  • 1st July 2013

  • There was something different about Madame Lafontaine tonight and the atmosphere felt unusual, heavy and oppressive. I was sitting with Merika, just shooting the breeze and listening to her stories about university and the many guys who hit upon her. She wasn’t really a flirt at all and an innocent when it came to love but I think that her sweet natured ways were a real attraction. Certainly I found myself drawn ever closer to Merika and at one point I even felt a strange urge to kiss her but I fought the impulse and eventually it passed.

    We were both...

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  • When two girls are better than one

  • 20th June 2013

  • Crystal’s cut off denim shorts were very sexy. How she managed to get into them was a mystery to me, they were like a second skin and they framed her bottom perfectly. Her top was something out of the Daisy Duke school of fashion; a checked shirt tied in a knot below her ample bosom and unbuttoned just enough to give a hint of the perfect body concealed beneath. She was slim and toned and I suppose the word nubile is often over used but in Crystal’s case it suited her perfectly. What an adorable woman.

    So, two beautiful, hot babes...

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  • Who can resist twin delights?

  • 17th June 2013

  • There was far more to naughty George than met the eye. I should have realised that any guy with the chutzpah to approach two stunning, sexy, confident girls must be someone completely comfortable with life and with the kind of confidence that only sexual success can bring. Not only did he have the bravado to immediately suggest that both Hermione and me accompany him back to his place for a naked romp he also responded to my slight disappointment in there being only one of him and two of us by suggesting he could invite a friend – or two...

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  • I walked through the door and into his life

  • 12th June 2013

  • I was so nervous and yet so excited. My first date as an escort! What would it be like? Would my companion be friendly? When it came to the crunch did I have what it took to actually provide an escort service?

    I needn’t have worried. Jim was so gentle and considerate, so pleasant to be with and such a sexy man that it was a pleasure to be in his company. He greeted me at the door to his hotel room with such courtesy and charm that I immediately felt really special. Then he complimented me on my outfit –...

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