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  • Eager to learn and ready to please

  • 30th August 2013

  • Do you believe that there are techniques that can make people give you what you want? I’ve always thought this meant calling up Airport Escorts and asking if my favourite girl is available for intimate companionship and a sensual massage. More often than not she is and so I enjoy a fabulous, unparalleled evening of sexy flirting and fun. But no, I don’t mean that, I mean literally being able to entrance, bewitch or seduce a person into bending to your will. At this point I assume my male readers are leaning in closer to the computer screen, eager to...

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  • Here come the girls

  • 29th August 2013

  • I was surprised to read recently that only a quarter of the British people have seen the most famous landmarks. It made me wonder what number of people have enjoyed the company of an escort. I don’t know for certain but I would imagine that the percentage would be quite low compared to the number of people who would like to take a walk on the wild side and be with a sexy woman who knows how to tease and please.

    The reasons are probably diverse and many. I guess some people would love to hang out with pretty girls and...

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  • Unlock her imagination

  • 28th August 2013

  • If you want to arouse a woman physically you have to begin with the mind. Whilst a man is a more basic and primitive animal when it comes to sex, preferring our partner gets straight to the point, so to speak, a woman requires foreplay, mental foreplay.

    For starters you will never get her in the mood if you have the football on the television so you can keep an eye on the score whilst you try to unclasp her bra. At least, not in my experience! No, you need to create the right ambience. Now ‘ambience’ is a word that...

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  • Girls that you will dream about

  • 27th August 2013

  • To what lengths would you go to win over the girl of your dreams? If you are in the know, like the loyal and canny clients of Airport Escorts you will simply make a single phone call and let the experts do the rest. But if you are Monty Don, the rather dull television presenter of series such as ‘Bore for Britain’ (I made that up!) then your idea of seduction is to get down on your hands and knees and mow an entire lawn using nail clippers. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, getting grass stains on your pants...

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  • A girl who has me spinning around!

  • 22nd August 2013

  • Who can forget Kylie Minogue, or more to the point, her amazing derriere in the video for the song ‘Spinning Around’? It may be more than a dozen years since the pint sized pop star treated us to the best thing bar sex itself as she cavorted in skin tight gold lame hot pants for our delight and delectation but the image lingers on. Well, if you don’t want the sexy image of the hot Aussie ruined for ever I suggest you give the tabloids a miss today. None other than Olly Murs, the irritating X Factor winner and best...

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  • Red hot lover

  • 13th August 2013

  • Well now I understand the appeal of a woman in a uniform. Fire service volunteer Clare Deloughrey is now a household name having been fired by the fire chief having posed in a serious of saucy snaps that would have had even the most seasoned fire fighter hot under the collar. The part time glamour model strips down to next to nothing, revealing a super slim and sexy body no doubt honed by many hours of sliding down poles and battling with a fireman’s hose. And she may even have just come home from battling a blazing furnace as she...

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  • Spring into action with a Sexy Stunner

  • 9th August 2013

  • If like me you have often fantasised about the legendary spring break parties attended by American college girls you may find at least a little consolation in the fact that a movie about the subject has been released. In fact it came out earlier in the year and has now hit the download and dvd shelves. It’s called, not all that originally, ‘Spring Breakers’ but the plat with its mixture of exploitative sexy and feminist undertones is quite new in its own way. For those of you who have an eye for a pretty young thing there is a very...

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  • The insider's guide to meeting hot women

  • 2nd August 2013

  • The insider’s guide to dating an escort, exclusively for you at Airport Escorts! There is no secret as to why a guy would want to spend time with an escort. For starters these are beautiful women and just being around a beautiful woman makes a guy feel good about his self. Then there is the matter of an escort’s physical allure. A man would have to be suffering from acute short sightedness not to appreciate some of the incredibly hot women on these pages. Obviously the male of the species is pre-programmed to appreciate the attributes of the female form....

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  • How to get her in the mood

  • 1st August 2013

  • I spend a lot of time carrying out research with the aim of helping men enjoy a full, vibrant and saucy sex life. Yes, dear reader, I do this selflessly, giving my one hundred per cent attention to looking at semi naked women and reading soft porn stories so that I can pass on the insights to readers of this blog. OK, perhaps not entirely selflessly, some of these tips actually do work!

    So, here is my definitive list of the top ten things a red blooded man should do if he wants to be successful in the bedroom.

    An essential element...

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  • Your Dream Woman

  • 30th July 2013

  • If you type ‘dream woman’ into Google images you will be faced with literally thousands of pictures of sexy girls, from brunettes to blondes, tall to short, petite to roomy, conventionally pretty to quirky and different. It would appear that there is no consensus as to the ideal female except amongst fashion designers and movie producers. With respect to the former it is the size zero shape on a tall and gangly girl that is the norm. For the latter it is the slightly more curvaceous – but only slightly mind – woman with pert breasts and a good arse....

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