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  • The best way to start the day

  • 1st November 2013

  • I am not a big fan of airport security myself. The endless queues, the sullen staff, the barked instructions and antagonistic attitudes you encounter all combine to get under my skin. The fact that I feel obliged to pay extra so I can get a ‘fast pass’ to the security desk says it all really. Recently I took a short break to the sun and the flight took off at silly hour. I was still half asleep when one of the security staff began ordering me to remove this, to remove that, to place these items here and those items...

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  • The kind of girls that can drive a man wild

  • 21st October 2013

  • Who would have thought it? Dressed in a sexy outfit that showed off plenty of cleavage and an especially pert rear you would have thought that pretty girl next door with brains Rachel Riley would have had men eating out of her hands on Strictly at the weekend. But instead she left us red blooded males with mouths open not from lust but from shock at just how unsexy she proved to be. To say that her performance was stiff would be a compliment, she was that bad. I was amazed at how such a gorgeous girl could turn out...

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  • Is there anything more erotic than this?

  • 14th October 2013

  • Where did this new craze for girl on girl kissing come from? I’m not talking about an innocent and platonic kiss on the cheek but full on, deep kissing with tongues in tandem as two nubile and hot young things press their bodies close up to each other and go for broke. Is there anything more erotic for a man than to see two young and beautiful women in a sexy clinch? If there is then I can’t think of it myself.

    And of course celebrities can’t wait to get in on the act with the latest being Kate Moss and...

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  • Girls beyond compare

  • 10th October 2013

  • A is for adorable. It’s also for Airport Escorts; the perfect definition of adorable as far as beautiful and friendly, cute and carefree, and lithe and lovely girls is concerned. Whenever you are travelling for business or pleasure and find yourself alone in a nondescript hotel room do yourself a favour and give us a call. Why be miserable and stare at four magnolia walls when you can inject some fun, sparkle and colour into the day with a lively, loving and sensual visiting escort. You don’t even need to plan in advance because with so many beauties on the...

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  • The definition of irresistible

  • 8th October 2013

  • I shouldn’t complain really given my interest in beautiful and sexy women but why does every award show seem to centre on what dress this girl or that is wearing. Hot actresses and models on a red carpet seems to be the order of the day, preferably looking back over their shoulder so that you can enjoy a view of a pert rear. The latest one to hit the pages of the tabloids is the pride of Britain awards. No fewer than eleven women are pictured in party frocks, from the ever present Nicole Scherzinger to the delicious Brooke Vincent....

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  • Love without limits

  • 4th October 2013

  • Alone in a darkened room with Constance I became rather timid and reserved. She was so sexually powerful, so confident and in control that I was at sixes and sevens wondering how I should behave and what I should do. I had never been with a woman who liked to be the dominant one in the bedroom and it was a little uncomfortable for me, at first. But once I allowed myself to relax and just go with the flow it all fell into place and words cannot describe the sensations, the ecstatic feelings of sensual pleasure that Constance engendered...

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  • Quite the sexy adventure

  • 1st October 2013

  • I met Samantha through an escort agency. I had been on a business trip to London and was alone in my nondescript hotel room eating a sandwich I had purchased earlier at a tube station. I did have an expense account and could have gone downstairs to the hotel restaurant but I had spent so many evenings sitting by myself eating mediocre food that I just couldn’t be bothered and decided on the sandwich option. It was a mistake. Drenched in mayonnaise and with prawns that had seen better days I began to think about getting dressed and taking the...

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  • Blessed with bodies to die for

  • 30th September 2013

  • Just what is it that makes one woman more attractive than another? I don’t mean when it’s obvious, such as a comparison between a classically beautiful, statuesque model and a short, dumpy, dowdy middle aged harridan! I mean when there are two women, both blessed with pleasing features, a sexy figure and an alluring attitude. I suppose for some men it may come down to something as prosaic as hair colour. For another guy it may be that he prefers a woman who is more busty or has a behind like Beyonce. Yet another may be turned on by a...

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  • A passion for hot women

  • 25th September 2013

  • Things were not going to plan at the wine tasting club and at one point I figured I should call my favourite escort agency to guarantee some sexy female companionship that evening. I thought I had my strategy perfected but it just wasn’t working. I had decided to play it a little cool, be all friendly and nice and listen to the inane conversations without coming on too strong and revealing that my passion wasn’t so much for the grape as for the girls. I had hoped that my friendly nature would attract the women and that at least one...

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  • Hone your seduction techniques

  • 23rd September 2013

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately want to look at something but must avert your gaze? There I was only yards away from two very hot young women and pretending to be taking no notice, using a newspaper as a screen and a cover for my surreptitious ogling. They were in their early twenties, both slim and sexy, both drop dead gorgeous and behaving as though they didn’t have a care in the world which for me was an added turn-on. I’m not one for self-conscious women, the type who know they are hot and make...

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