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Tales from the Mile High Club

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  • Enjoy real pleasure

  • 10th February 2014

  • I was reading about the three ‘K’s at the weekend. No, not the Klu Klux Klan, the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kloe and ahem, the other one, though her name eludes me for the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s not Karen, might be Kate, whatever as the girls would say. Anyway, if there was ever anyone more famous for less talent I’m not sure who that would be. Even Paris Hilton released a single.

    What is interesting about the trio though is how they are built like real women, with curvy bodies, especially Kim who has the kind of rear that exemplifies...

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  • Have an adventure this evening...

  • 13th January 2014

  • I once tried online dating but gave it up as a lost cause when I realised that very few people are genuine online. The number of potential dates claiming they were ‘fun loving’ and had a ‘wild side’ yet to discover the individual in question had a personality like a magnolia wall was legion and don’t get me started on age. Just as ‘young at heart’ means pensioner who likes a night out at the bingo, twenty nine means thirty seven. Though to be fair I did chop a few years off my birth date. Before you cry ‘foul’ I...

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  • Every man loves a woman who knows what she is doing...

  • 31st December 2013

  • If, like me, you are attracted to women with experience then you must also, like me, be enamoured of a certain Ms Demi Moore. Would you believe that the gorgeous actress is in her fifties? You wouldn’t believe it if you saw the photographs of her sunning herself in Mexico that appeared in the papers today. The sexy cougar has also bagged herself a new young man and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself as the couple frolic by the pool. But moving on from him, I was more than impressed with Demi’s toned body. And she still has...

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  • Make a sexy connection

  • 23rd December 2013

  • How much would a man pay to be irresistible to women? Imagine being able to seduce the woman of your dreams. Do you want to enjoy yourself with that beautiful young waitress who serves you coffee every morning? The busty, nubile girl with the friendly smile and full lips who works in the office next door? The tall, long legged dancer who lives on your street? I think a man would give just about anything to have power over women and to have them want him as much as he wants them.

    I do a lot of reading about seduction and...

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  • Get straight to the point

  • 17th December 2013

  • I have a friend of mine who swears that he is not only a member of the mile high club but that he renews his membership on an annual basis! He’s even boasted that one of his conquests was an air hostess and that two more were girls that he had only just met on the plane! I’m not sure if I believe him but we are due to take a short sunshine break soon and I have challenged him to put up or shut up! In his favour I have to admit that not only is he a good...

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  • A red hot idea...

  • 16th December 2013

  • You may not believe this but the bestselling calendar each year isn’t one that features some hot actress or model in sexy underwear but the seventy something year old Sir Cliff Richard! Yes, the Peter Pan of pop outsells the likes of Kelly Brook, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger! I find it hard to believe myself but it is a fact. Speaking of Kelly Brook I don’t know if you have seen her 2014 calendar yet but I would say it’s her raunchiest ever. I guess when you are famous for taking your clothes off and you are the wrong...

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  • Do you yearn for excitement?

  • 9th December 2013

  • If like me you enjoy being around beautiful women then you will fully appreciate the stunning girls available for intimate companionship from Airport Escorts. I’ve been watching the latest I am a Celebrity series and I accept that Amy Willerton – Miss Universe and GB – has an amazing body but I tell you that there are a dozen escorts at Airport Escorts every bit as alluring. And when you consider that the hot escorts are also fun loving, adventurous and aim to please then I would choose from one of these girls as my queen of the jungle over...

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  • Airport hotel fun and frolics

  • 28th November 2013

  • Man, this winter weather is a drag! I can hardly remember the summer and it is a good five months until we start to enjoy the warmth of the sun again. At least that is the case for me with no holidays left. If you are reading this in your airport hotel however then I can only say I am more than a little jealous (as long as it is a sunshine holiday you are about to embark on and not a business trip to a drizzly Northern town!) and wish I could join you.

    Of course there are other benefits...

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  • A blindfold, a fridge, fantasy food

  • 25th November 2013

  • Can food be sexy? I suppose when you mention sex and food in the same sentence the first thing that springs to mind is the idea of certain substances being an aphrodisiac. Personally I don’t need oysters to boost my libido though a session with a sexy girl involving champagne, strawberries and lashings of cream is quite tempting and I am sure would add a certain something to the erotic mix. Generally though, food does often play a part when it comes to getting people in the mood for love. Think about a romantic evening with a stunning girl and...

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  • In between girlfriends?

  • 15th November 2013

  • It’s the weekend and I don’t know about you but I plan to have a fun filled, sexy, action packed Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the company of a score of lovely ladies! After a week of drudgery in the workplace there is nothing like a wild weekend of excess to recharge the old batteries. And as I am between girlfriends at the moment that means only one thing, I will be on the phone to Airport Escorts and enquiring as to the availability of my favourites escort companions.

    There is one girl in particular that gets me going. I am...

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