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  • Come fly with me

  • 21st June 2014

  • I often visit clients at Gatwick Airport and whilst I love every moment of every evening I can’t help feeling just a little pensive when I see everyone rushing about the terminal buildings as they prepare to go on holiday. Sometimes I fantasise about where people are going. I always imagine some far flung exotic destination with an endless sandy beach and people kissing in the light of the moon whilst the warm waters lap at the shore.

    Actually when I meet a client in an airport hotel I do tell myself that I am playing my part in making his...

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  • Take the stress out of flying!

  • 9th June 2014

  • It’s the time of year when people up and down the country are jetting off to sunnier climes for the annual holiday fun in the sun. After a year’s hard work it is a chance to relax and unwind and have the best of times. There’s only one problem, the airport. Let’s face it the beginning and end of the holiday is the least special part. At best you will have a smooth journey to the airport, your check in will be fine, the plane will not be delayed and your transfer at the other end will be trouble free....

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  • Wild, confident, adventurous!

  • 27th May 2014

  • Is there anything better than a sexy young woman in a bikini? It may surprise you to hear that the bikini isn’t some modern invention, in fact the first bikini appeared in France in the 1950’s. It was launched at a photoshoot featuring a former nude dancer. After the photographs were published the young lady in question received fifty thousand proposals of marriage! Having seen the photograph myself I was quite taken by how risqué the bikini was. I was expecting the briefs to be more like shorts when in fact they were more like a high-waisted thong. Very daring...

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  • The joys of an open relationship...

  • 4th May 2014

  • Cameron Diaz said recently that she didn’t think that people were designed to be monogamous. I would have to agree. If people were meant to be with one partner for life then how do you explain the divorce rate? We all know of guys who are ‘cheating’ on their partner and most of us know at least one couple who profess to having an open relationship. Let’s face it, ‘open’ is just a euphemism for sleeping around. I like the idea of having sex with multiple partners, especially when you have ‘permission’ to do so though I suspect that the...

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  • Tactile, teasing and tempting

  • 17th April 2014

  • Over at Local Escorts I wrote a blog about how to seduce hot women. By ‘hot’ I don’t mean your average good looking girl with a great figure and a twinkle in her eye. I mean stunning women, like those who grace the pages of the Airport Escorts web site. Just how do you win over a woman who spends half her life being hit on by guys?

    Well, I call it the Goldilocks Strategy. What this refers to is developing an approach that is neither too ‘full on’ nor too indecisive. With the former the object of your affections will...

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  • Indulge yourself

  • 6th April 2014

  • Technology has always been sold on the back of the idea that it makes you more efficient, freeing up valuable time that can be used for recreational purposes. Well I have to say that’s not my experience! There was a time not that long ago when your working life was confined to office hours. Now, with the advent of smartphones and constant connectivity to the ‘cloud’ your boss can ping you a message whenever and wherever you are. It’s not unknown for someone to be replying to work texts whilst on a beach and a friend of mine swears he...

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  • Sexercise

  • 25th March 2014

  • Twenty plus hot babes writhing about in leotards and doing stuff to a vaulting horse that leaves little to the imagination and most men breathless and wanting more. No, I’m not discussing the latest gym session for a bunch of Airport Escorts (though the thought is a nice one) but the new video by the ever popular pop pixie Kylie Minogue. It has to be said that for a forty something she is in fine fettle, though anyone who has dated a mature escort from Airport Escorts will know that experience counts for a lot.

    If you haven’t seen the video...

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  • Only sexy lingerie in her closet

  • 16th March 2014

  • We are so obsessed with customer feedback these days but does anyone stop to think that most satisfied customers don’t bother to leave a review at all. People with busy lives are hardly going to log in to Amazon to say what they feel about a deep fat fryer they bought for thirty quid, are they? It just doesn’t seem worth the time and effort but then perhaps I am anti-social and ignoring the fact that these individuals are helping others. I have to admit that I never book a hotel or holiday these days without reading the TripAdvisor reviews...

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  • Girls who communicate with more than their bodies

  • 5th March 2014

  • There’s a girl I know who would just love to be an escort and on the face of it she would be perfect. But, and it is a big ‘but’, she just isn’t cut out for the job. She may be extremely pretty with a face that literally turns heads wherever she goes. She may have a body that would not be out of place on page three. She may have come to bed eyes and a full mouth that can only fuel a man’s fantasies but that is where the positives end. You see Tammy is dull, I mean...

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  • Several saucy senoritas!

  • 18th February 2014

  • I’m looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones and of the delicious Dinearus Targarian, she of the nubile body, long blonde hair, pouty lips and of course three dragons. If you haven’t yet caught up with the sword and sorcery series just yet then I suggest you start at the beginning. Each and every episode is sure to please with its mix of battlefield and bedroom action. Dinearus is the warrior princess famed as much for her beauty as for her ability to incite a nation to arms and it doesn’t hurt that she is surrounded by beautiful...

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