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Unlock her imagination

28th August 2013

If you want to arouse a woman physically you have to begin with the mind. Whilst a man is a more basic and primitive animal when it comes to sex, preferring our partner gets straight to the point, so to speak, a woman requires foreplay, mental foreplay.

For starters you will never get her in the mood if you have the football on the television so you can keep an eye on the score whilst you try to unclasp her bra. At least, not in my experience! No, you need to create the right ambience. Now ‘ambience’ is a word that is alien to many men, something ephemeral, arty, and pretentious even. But to a woman the ambience is all. Get out the candles. Not the cheap tea lights either! No, we mean those large church candles, preferably ones that have been used and so have that stylish dribble of wax hanging over the lip. Play the right music. Barry White is a favourite of mine; at least he was until my last date walked out as soon as I put him on the record player. The right smells – get hold of some lovely lavender incense or one of those car fragrances you can pick up at the garage on the way home from work. Have a few nibbles, salted peanuts will do though I have a friend who swears by strawberries. All must be perfect!

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