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Trick or treat?

26th October 2012

It’s no surprise to me that vampires make good box office. There’s something ever so sexy about the whole thing, teeth bared, pale flesh being penetrated, crimson blood, the willing virginal victim. Vampires are hot! Whilst some men may prefer the cold aloofness of Krysten Stewart in the Twilight Series I prefer the sexy blonde Sookie Sackhouse as played temptress Anna Paquin in True Blood. Some of the sex scenes are red hot. Of course one cannot wax lyrical about gorgeous girls being chased by predatory men in vampire movies without referencing where it all gained a modern twist and new lease of life – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The movie was something of a flop though personally I prefer the nubile blonde Kristy Swanson to television’s Sarah Michelle Gellar but there you go.

Looking further back you have the Hammer Horrors with Brides of Dracula and other incarnations. Even further back we have the original screen Dracula in Bela Lugosi. The 1927 production is still eerie and frightening today.

I write this because with Halloween fast approaching there will no doubt be many a sexy vampire girl walking the streets of our fair land, waiting for their very own Dracula to ravish them. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and X Factor’s Tulisa look hot in their vampire costumes in the tabloids today . For your own sexy wench with whom to enjoy a Halloween treat call Airport Escorts right now. The only tricks will be the ones you want her to play.