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Tales from the Mile High Club

The Mile High Club

16th December 2011

I just love my glamorous jet set life! By day an air hostess for a well known, sexy brand of airline, by night a naughty visiting escort working at Airport Escorts, the number one visiting Airport escort agency serving Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport and City Airport. With my two jobs I combine the excitement of travelling all over the world with the fun of constantly meeting new and interesting people. Of course as an air hostess I constantly get hit on by businessman, football fans travelling to away games in Europe and even by sexy women on occasion. And I just love it!

Some of the other girls working the aisles get fed up with the constant double entendres and come-ons but not me. In fact if at least one guy hasn’t tried to get off with me on a short haul, and at least two on a long haul, then I think what’s wrong with me! It doesn’t happen often though I can tell you and there are two very simple reasons why. First of all I’m stunning. Does saying that make me vain and arrogant or just truthful? Decide for yourself: five foot eleven, slim – a size six, long flowing blonde locks, pretty green eyes, large and luscious pouting lips, legs up to my proverbial armpits and a wiggle that would put Monroe to shame. Oh, and did I mention my perfect round ass and pert tits? In short, I am a sexy stunner and this has never done me any harm, either at the airline or at Airport Escorts.

The second reason is more basic – I just love to flirt and so if I spot a sexy guy, or a particularly nubile young women then I just can’t help myself fluttering my eye lashes or giving a flash of thigh when I’m reaching up to put some particularly pesky piece of luggage into an overhead rack or letting some hunky fella get an eyeful of my cleavage. This quality has served me well in the air and at Airport escorts. I have been known to forego a bra on occasion and when you are wearing a polyester blouse that can sure grab some lusty male’s attention, you know? Dark brown nipples visible through a thin white blouse, stocking top revealed by a cutaway skirt – cutaway by me of course – and the smell of my scent when I get up close and personal... What’s not to like.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I am on a mission to break the world record for mile high romps? You didn’t know there was a world record? Well, it isn’t official of course but among us hostesses we keep a tally and mine is forever rising. If it wasn’t for my time working as an Airport Escort I would have beaten it already. Sex in the airport doesn’t count; it has to be on the aeroplane and after take-off and before landing. Don’t laugh - there are strict rules!