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Tales from the Mile High Club

The Heathrow escort and her secret pleasures

30th April 2012

Hermione had the most amazing story to tell and it was frankly, hard for me to believe her even though we had been friends for such a long time. I was fascinated with the ornate and bejewelled pendant that she wore around her neck and in particular with the centrepiece of the necklace which appeared to be made from bone or ivory perhaps and which featured something that may or may not have been a character from some language or other. I was so intrigued by the elaborately carved symbol that I couldn’t resist pressing the girl who used to be a visiting escor at Airport escorts based out of Heathrow to tell me what it signified, if indeed it did represent anything at all.

The sexy girl was evasive to say the least. After my third time of asking her demeanour changed and a strange, dark look descended over her eyes though it quickly passed and her sunny disposition returned. She stared at me for what seemed like an eternity before answering, her doe eyes holding my attention before whispering that it was the insignia of a club she had joined having been introduced to it by one of her more lustful and kinky lovers. It was a cabal, she explained, a secret group that met to enjoy risqué and adventurous sex, a club for high powered men and sultry, exotic, sensual young women who enjoyed the excitement of highly erotic scenarios and sex with strangers. She empathised that it was an invitation only affair and that she wasn’t able to influence membership, it was strictly done by a small group of ‘elders’ who dictated all aspects of the liaisons, events, venues, members, disciplinary situations and so on and so on.

I was taken aback, in fact I literally gasped at her explanation. It wasn’t that much of a revelation that such secret societies existed, and I had often fantasised about just such an experience, but it was just that now I was in touching distance of partaking in such erotic encounters I was rather frustrated that Hermione was enjoying herself so much and I wouldn’t be able to join her.

So much for my own idea to spice up my sex life by seeking out celebrities and seducing them! This seemed far hotter and I longed to be in with this clique but no amount of trying to elicit the information from the sexy, hot girl bore fruit, she simply would not tell me.

After chatting for ten minutes she bid me farewell and we swapped up to date phone numbers. As soon as she left I sent a text to two busty escorts at Gatwick escort services who also knew Hermione and said I had just bumped into the former blonde escort and asked if they had also seen her lately. I pretended it was just an innocent enquiry but in actual fact I hoped that they would know more about her clandestine activities.