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The body beautiful

19th July 2012

We live in a very body conscious age and the plethora of images of sexy toned celebrities that bombard our senses every day of the week has done nothing to dispel the doubts that many women feel when it comes to self-image. It would be easy for me to dismiss the shy girls who lack self-confidence, the ordinary girls without the benefit of my toned and nubile physique but whilst I am a sexy and adventurous girl blessed with all the attributes of a stunning model escort I am not blind as to the damage that our celebrity and body obsessed culture has caused.

I read in the papers today that over eighty per cent of women have body issues and would like to be slimmer and sexier. That’s four out of five women. And of course that means it isn’t just a women’s issue because let this visiting escort tell you guys, if a girl isn’t feeling sexy then it is unlikely that she will be sexy. Guys seem to be far more easy going than girls but then they face different pressures and body image isn’t particularly one of them. You don’t open a paper in the morning and see a half-naked guy – more’s the pity – but you do see a girl with a figure like a blonde escort or a brunette escort from Airport escorts.

The survey, commissioned by Travelodge of all organisations, concludes that we ‘live in a celebrity obsessed culture where image is everything”. And of course in this digital day and age it is easy to manipulate the pictures that appear in the papers. Indeed many visiting escort sites feature photographs of girls that have been touched up, so to speak, though you can rest assured that Airport escorts isn’t one of them. At Airport escorts all of the busty escorts featured are shown in genuine, unaltered photographs so that you can make an informed choice as to your date for the evening. The pictures are up to date having only recently been taken and there are no special effects applied. As far as we are concerned that would be dishonest practice and we like to differentiate ourselves from those escort agencies that promise the earth and deliver the moon.

To keep in shape I have to be careful about what I eat and I also have to exercise regularly. When I first started my exercise routine I hated it as it was tough and I would have preferred sitting on the sofa, reading a good book and enjoying a glass of wine but now that I am into it I actually look forward to it and the effects are great – I’ve never looked so good and I can be certain that my airport escorts dates are sure to find me attractive and sexy when I arrive at the door of their hotel to give a sexy sensual massage!