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Tales from the Mile High Club

The Airport escort with her head in the clouds...

31st March 2012

London has so many airports, four in fact or five even if you include Luton.  As a traveller you might think that when you have used one of them for business or pleasure that they are ‘much of a muchness’ but I can tell you different. Each of the airports has its own distinct and distinctive character. Take Luton airport for instance. If you ignore the chaos and pandemonium that is the parking arrangements then you will find a parochial kind of place with a slower pace of life than its larger cousins, Heathrow and Gatwick.

As an Airport escort I like it when I am working from Luton as it’s easy to get about and I know many of the staff who work there. The local hotels are also comfortable and inexpensive and I have often met clients at the nearby Holiday Inn. It’s a personal favourite I know because some of the busty escorts I know much prefer the hustle and bustle of Gatwick though I suspect that it’s the shopping that appeals really with a mini mall within the terminal complex itself. One of my visiting escort friends, a lovely, friendly girl called Georgina – or ‘Georgie’ as we call her – just loves City Airport as she does enjoy a taste or two of the high life and many of the guys that she dates who use that airport are the private jet types. In fact she was once booked for a date with a middle-eastern client aboard a Dassault Falcon. She told me that it had only six seats, all leather and with the capability of forming a flat bed!

With my new friend Adele, a busty escort dream girl whom I hoped to seduce and enjoy, it was Heathrow because she dreamed of the more exotic destinations such as Hong Kong. She always seemed to have her head in some travel magazine or other and made no bones of her jealousy that I had graduated to long haul as an air stewardess. She constantly bemoaned the fact that I had the best of both worlds, fun as a visiting escort and glamour, flying across the globe to the places she dreamed of one day visiting. I had suggested to her that she should apply to join me but she said that she had never been one for tests and exams and basically she wasn’t going to put herself through the mill only to be rejected. As a visiting escort at Airport escorts she knew her worth and given that she got more bookings than most girls it was clear that she was good at what she did and if I’m honest I couldn’t wait to find out for myself. It had been a long time since a beautiful women had caressed my skin and a sensual massage from Adele would surely be the stuff of legend.