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5th June 2012

There was quite a commotion at the airport terminal on Sunday as a crowd jostled around the large television screen in the food concourse trying to get a good view of the armada sailing up the Thames after the Queen’s barge. Everyone was ever so excited and for a moment I even felt a little tingle myself, despite my firmly held republican beliefs. It’s not that I have anything against the monarch as a person per se; I don’t know her and she may be a wonderful human being, or not, as the case may be. It’s just that I think that everyone should have an equal chance in life and I would prefer a meritocracy and also a president rather than a royal figurehead. And before you ask I would have no problem in the Queen playing that role, the point is that it would be an elected post and we citizens would be able to vote.

I’m in the minority mind, both amongst my colleagues at the airline and also my busty escort friends at airport escorts. I know girls from Heathrow visiting escort services, Luton escorts, City escorts, Gatwick visiting escorts, you name it and I will know one of the sexy girls working there and every single one of them is a staunch royalist. Hell, some of the hot girls even attended street parties and toasted HRH’s health. I read a story the other day where a women kicked customers out of her coffee shop because they did not toast the Queen! Incredible really that such a thing can so polarise people’s views. I say live and let live myself though my attitude isn’t common I don’t think.

Anyway, I thought at one point that we might even witness a royal riot as an altercation broke out between two men because their partners couldn’t get an uninterrupted view of the screen! Airport security had to step in!

I was transfixed by the shenanigans but awoke from my reverie when my phone rang and it was the frustrated businessman off the flight, asking if I’d like to go on a date with him or how about I meet him at his hotel in thirty minutes or so. I was due back in the air in a couple of hours but I could squeeze in an hour of leisure time before then and a sensual massage would be rather nice... I told him that I would be with him shortly but the first thing I would want to do is get out of my work clothes and enjoy a luxurious shower – but he could watch if he wanted to. If we were going to have some hot sex then I wanted him aroused and ready for action!