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25th May 2012

Whilst I had enjoyed watching the sexy show on the small two inch screen of the mobile phone I was smarting a little at the way that the hot air hostess had trumped me in the love stakes. I had been one hundred per cent convinced that I would be able to seduce the middle aged businessman in first class before she would make any headway whatsoever with the gorgeous blonde female executive but I had been on so wrong! Watching the recording was a real eye opener as the outwardly demure girl in her business suit and spectacles turned into a sex bomb before the camera, lustily enjoying the attentions of my naughty friend.

Viewing the sexy scene only served to make me hot and bothered and ready for some love action and all that was missing was a virile man and ten minutes of uninterrupted time for pleasure! I asked my sexy escort friend Cherie to cover for me and the busty airport escort was only too pleased to help, though I detected a smugness that I found rather irritating. She would be rubbing it in for some time to come I knew and so I was determined to be extra naughty with my sexy date, whoever that may be. I would give the sexy escort something to think about, in fact I would decisively turn the tables on the hot escort!

Earlier I had set my gaze upon a middle aged businessman with a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a stylish dress sense but now it appeared as though he was having forty winks. It’s not the done thing to wake up a passenger mid flight though I suspected that he wouldn’t mind and given that just about every person in the first class compartment was sleeping I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun. Slipping into the seat next to him I reached under his blanket and began to arouse and caress him. He stirred a little and I relaxed my efforts, allowing him to return to the land of nod before I resumed my cheeky actions. After a while I had reached inside his pants and I could feel the stiff hardness of his erect member. Lost in my actions I didn’t realise that he had woken up and was looking at me, a mixture of bemusement and pleasure on his confused face. I leant towards him and kissed him softly, tenderly, sensuously and he responded.

He turned me so that I was sat in his lap facing towards one of the windows and he caressed my firm breasts as he kissed at the back of my neck. His intimate embrace had me in raptures as he reached under my skirt and tugged at my panties... I could see Cherie's jealous look, the visiting escort no doubt wishing she was the one having such a good time...