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Tales from the Mile High Club

Sexy girls, sexy times

2nd March 2012

I was more than a little impressed by Mandy’s sexual skills, her fingers expertly bringing me to orgasm time after time. It had been an absolute age since I had experienced an internal orgasm but this sexy girl knew exactly how to play me. She was like a virtuoso pianist, expertly caressing and manipulating the keys with just the right amount of touch and pressure. Intense and wonderful sensations flooded over my body but as I was to tell my busty escort friends at Airport escorts later the best sex was yet to come.

Having enjoyed a wonderful sensual massage I returned the compliment and soon had the sexy blonde girl begging for more as I used my mouth and tongue to pleasure her sensitive zones. She came loudly and just at this point there was a gentle rapping on the door followed by a quiet whisper. It was a man’s voice and Mandy reacted with surprise, telling me that it was her husband. Uncertain of just what to do we stood there like rabbits in the proverbial headlights unthinking and unmoving. Then Mandy seemed to make a decision and she stepped forward and unlocked the washroom door before grabbing hold of her husband and pulling him inside.

The guy was at least twenty years older than the hot girl but looked very good for his age. He was still in trim and at six foot plus he was a strong and commanding presence. He looked at Mandy and then his eyes locked on me before a huge smile began to form on his face as he realised just what we had been getting up to. He didn’t seem at all annoyed that his wife was enjoying hot sex with someone else, in fact I could tell from the bulge forming in his trousers that he was in fact more than a little turned on!

I decided it was time to act on my impulses and so I pulled the guy towards me and sat back on the washroom counter, wrapping my long legs around the guy and kissing him full on, my tongue immediately probing and tasting him. Mandy was excited by the erotic events unfolding before her and she sandwiched the guy, wrapping her arms around him from behind and kissing and nibbling at his ears.

The mature guy was loving every minute as he pleasured each of us in turn with his fingers and tongue. We were two confident and sexy girls, looking for all the world like lingerie models or hot visiting escorts, our sexual allure great and irresistible. And the guy just couldn’t get enough of us, his insatiable lust exciting as the hot sex went on, passionate and lusty.