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23rd June 2012

Celeste stepped into the private area of the first class cabin, ostensibly to assist me in preparing a couple of drinks for a businessman who defiantly refused to sleep despite the early hour and the fact that there was still five hours to landing. I knew what he was playing at, he was thoroughly enjoying watching two nubile, glamorous, stylish and sexy girls and having his sensual fill of our bodies, mentally undressing us no doubt and fantasising about what he would like to do to one or both of us given half the chance. Ironically had Celeste not been on this flight he would no doubt have got his wish as the fifty something was quite handsome and in good shape for his age and what with my naughty proclivity for sex in the sky it would have been unusual if I hadn’t allowed him to seduce me!

But as it was I was focussed on Celeste, my brain performing somersaults as I wondered how best to go about getting to grips with the hot girl. Would she rebuff my advances or respond eagerly? Had she ever experienced lesbian sex or was she strictly hetero? I sensed something about the girl that made me a feel an advance might be fruitful but it was taking me some time to work up the courage to act on my instincts. If my sexy airport escort friends had been here, hot girls I knew from my days as a visiting escort at Gatwick visiting escort services, then they would surely have insisted that I decease prevaricating and get on with the task in hand and I used that knowledge to spur myself to action.

Standing behind the girl as she poured the businessman’s third glass of champagne I slowly inched toward her until I was close enough to smell her hair and the radiant scent that she had sprayed on to her sublimely sexy body. I leant in close, allowing the breath from my lips to caress her neck, alerting her to my sexual overtures. She remained still, but not rigid, not frozen in fear more a readiness, an anticipation of the possible delights to come. Taking this as a green light to take my advances further I used a hand to brush her hair away to one side, revealing the soft skin at the back of her delicious neck and then I kissed her, softly, gently, my tongue savouring the sweet taste of the sexy girl and travelling the length of her delicately angled neck to the base of her skull and then to the side of her beautiful face until I found her lips. I turned her head slightly towards me so that my tongue could gain access to her mouth whilst pressing my body more firmly into the back of hers, all the while unaware that we were being watched…