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Sexy girls kiss but don't tell...

11th May 2012

If there is something that really irritates me it is a girl who sleeps with someone famous and then goes and does a kiss and tell, for a fee of course, in a national newspaper. You know the kind of story I’m on about, the one where she is all sweet and innocent and the man took advantage. Yeah, right. What’s even worse is that you inevitably get a mark out of ten for the guy’s efforts in the bedroom and if he is really unlucky she will also disparage the size of his manhood. Alongside the story there will be a picture of the girl, scantily clad and in some kind of sexy pose that rather undermines the whole ‘I was taken advantage of’ angle though you’d never think it when you hear people discussing the story.

Well I believe in discretion and personal privacy – and these are two highly valued qualities in a visiting escort I’m sure you would agree. In fact all of the sexy escorts at Luton airport escorts, City airport escorts, Stansted airport escorts and the rest pride themselves on their one hundred percent privacy guarantee. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a well known mantra and it applies just as much to the world of outcall escorts across London as it does to the gambling mecca of Nevada.

Suffice to say that I had the most wonderful of times with the hunky actor and he certainly didn’t let the side down when it came to his performance between the sheets I can tell you. His wife is a very lucky lady to get her hands on him every night and I would certainly swap places in an instant. I also got to hear some juicy celebrity gossip and you would be amazed at what some of the Hollywood set get up after dark. Girls who are renowned for their chaste innocence who are actually nymphomaniac sex addicts. Guys who only ever play the good guy but who in real life get up to all sorts of dodgy stuff. The hunky hetero actors who are in reality bisexual or gay but keep their sexuality hidden for fear it will hurt them at the box office, I heard it all and more from my one time lover in our cosy suite at a swish Heathrow airport hotel.

So, I had a fabulous date with a sexy and insatiable lover who couldn’t keep his hands and his tongue off me and I was given a window into the world of fame and fortune at the same time. I liked my new hobby! Who would be the next sexy man or sexy woman from the fantasy world of celluloid to become my sexy reality?