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Tales from the Mile High Club

Sexy girls going the extra sexy mile

17th May 2012

After a week enjoying myself and letting my hair down it was back to work at Heathrow airport for me yesterday. I was with my regular crew so that was good, especially as it meant that I could give the mile high club record another go! And better still it was a night flight and I was working the first class cabin so that meant there was bound to be an opportunity to seduce some sexy young woman or a hot and horny man!

Another of the visiting escorts providing intimate companionship and a sensual massage at your home or airport hotel also worked part time as an air hostess and Cherie was due to partner me on the flight and so I just knew that we were going to have a great, sexy time and so it proved. Only an hour into the flight I had selected my ‘date’ and my busty escort friend had done the same. We made a fun bet to see who could seduce their chosen sex partner first and I felt confident that I would win as I had chosen a guy whereas Cherie had decided that a particularly attractive lady passenger rocked her world. Some woman can be incredibly difficult to read and I was sure that the sexy girl in question was one hundred per cent heterosexual but the outcall escort thought differently and she was proved right.

My reasoning was that not only was the woman wearing a wedding ring but I had also noticed her surreptitiously glancing in the direction of the man I was intent on enjoying whilst not once looking at me or Cherie. We are two highly alluring individuals as our regular clients at Gatwick airport escorts and Luton airport escorts will tell you and I felt it impossible that the hot young woman wouldn’t at least give us the once over.

Cherie used a tried and tested tactic to hit on the woman, spilling a small amount of champagne in her lap and suggesting that they go to the first class washroom where she would assist in rectifying the matter. Again the sexy young woman gave no indication that she was having sexy thoughts as she rose from her seat and followed Cherie to the front of the plane, my hot friend wiggling her perfectly formed ass as she went, putting on a real show that every single male in the cabin enjoyed.

I didn’t feel at all threatened as I was convinced that her target was never going to be interested in some in flight entertainment of a sexual nature and that I only had to snap my fingers and my guy would be mine. How wrong I was!