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9th April 2012

I am desperate for a holiday! It just seems like I have been working like forever and I really need a chance to let my hair down and catch some rays! The thing about working as an air hostess is that you never ever feel grounded; there is no routine that you can just fall back on, no mundane tasks such as putting out the empty milk bottles or popping around the local newsagents for the latest copy of Hello magazine. At least I enjoy the time I spend as a visiting escort meeting clients via Airport Escorts, an agency which specialises in providing intimate companionship to men and women staying in Airport hotels at Gatwick, Heathrow and the other London airports. But lately I had been on endless red eye flights across the pond and so I didn’t have much time for sensual massages, dating and fruity fun.

The last flight I worked on I had enormous fun seducing a couple of randy businessman as well as one of their wives, a really gorgeous and sexy girl who made her living as an editorial fashion model. She had been a delicious treat and then to have topped it all off by making love not only with the pilot buts also the co-pilot to a backdrop of the stars at night was incredible. But that had been over a week ago and now I was feeling hot and horny, desperate for some carnal coupling, an erotic adventure to relight my fire.

Last night’s flight had seemed lacking in possibilities. For starters it was a late evening flight so there would be little chance of subterfuge and a supremely secret shag. Secondly I didn’t know any of the team on this route as I had been called in as a replacement and that meant I couldn’t play ‘mile high club’ without taking something of a risk. Third, the flight was only five hours long as we made the hop to the Big Apple and so it left me with hardly any spare time once duty free, meals, in flight drinks and the like were taken care of. In short it was a real pain and I was not looking forward to it at all and longed to be out and about as a blonde escort, enjoying my freedom and the sexy fun that came with it. The tyranny of having to earn a living eh? Well there was no point feeling sorry for myself as there was little I could do but make the best of a bad situation – but boy was I about to be surprised and to be proved so very, very wrong by a very naughty girl, a very naughty girl indeed...