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Sexy girl revealing her basic instincts

4th July 2012

There are all sorts of ridiculous ‘rules’ when it comes to clothes and every girl learns at an early age never to defy the fashion police but there are some strong willed souls out there who defy convention and forge their own path, Sharon Stone being o e of them. Having had her boobs done in her late forties the sexy Basic Instinct star likes to flaunt them at every opportunity and whilst the usual rule for women of a certain age is that necklines should rise with the years Sharon completely disregards this as she is pictured in a tight black dress cut almost to the navel. Her bright red lipstick on pouting lips and pert breasts combine to say this woman is sexy and dangerous and her look belies the years. I am sure that many, many guys still find her as hot as when she infamously crossed her legs on screen revealing no panties!

I don’t follow the Mirror’s fashion editor Dinah Turner – when do I ever – though when she states that Sharon is  a sexy woman defying father time and looking good enough to eat whilst condemning the fifty five year old Kim Cattrall for wearing a very similar style of dress and showing even better breasts off to the world! And whilst saying a woman in her forties shouldn’t wear a plunging neckline she gives Jennifer Aniston top marks wearing just such a revealing garment! Totally inconsistent and that is why the sexy escorts at Airport escorts give this tabloid a miss when it comes to sartorial matters, instead reaching up to the top shelves at Gatwick airport for the bible of fashion, Vogue. Of course with Vogue comes designer labels at sky high prices and so the trick is to identify the look and then find a high street equivalent at an affordable price. Being a busty escort beauty I make sure that I am always stylish and well dressed. It’s not enough to be pretty, sexy and oozing sex appeal. It’s not enough to give the best massages in any of the airports. Being well dressed is all part of the package.

The Mirror article doesn’t hold back in criticising all sorts of people for wearing the ‘wrong things’ and I must say that I sometimes get rather frustrated at the fashion police. In a tough world at a difficult time there have to be other things to concentrate on surely? Like losing yourself in the moment and enjoying a sublimely sexy time with a hot visiting escort from Luton escorts or Heathrow escorts. Clothes are all well and good but underneath it all it is all about hot, toned bodies and flesh and blood…