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Tales from the Mile High Club

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16th April 2012

A delightful tingling sensation flirted with the pit of my stomach as I walked ahead of the naughty girl and towards the setting for our sexual assignation. I was feeling a little light-headed, the anticipation and excitement of the carnal encounter to come sending shivers down my spine. The various physical manifestations of my readiness for sex were playing havoc with my emotions and if I could have run to the washroom I would have, so eager was I to enjoy the hot and horny woman.

I had never had someone come on to me in such a full on way. She had been daring and provocative and I even felt sorry for the businessman sitting close to her in the economy cabin as she teased and flirted and even flashed a view of her delicious, soft and silky inner thigh between the hem of her short skirt and the tops of her black silk stockings.

Of course I was no innocent when it came to the art of seduction and as a visiting escort at one with her body and sexuality I have a wardrobe full of very sexy lingerie myself. I was also used to taking the lead as when I fancied someone I didn’t see the point in playing prim and proper and hoping that a guy or girl will make a move on you. I liked to take fate in my own hands. But this hot girl was different. I didn’t even know her name yet she had already whispered in my ear and promised to take me to places that I had never been before, and I don’t think she meant Miami!

We trod gingerly up the few steps to the first class cabin and I had a quick look to make sure the coast was clear. How I wished for some of the busty escorts from Airport escorts to be here, watching my back and keeping an eye on things. God forbid that I got caught mid sex act whilst on duty. Though I preferred my time as a sexy escort I also liked the ‘high’ life of an air hostess and didn’t want to lose the job. And besides, I loved the perk that was the ‘mile high club’ and wouldn’t give up those sexy shenanigans without a fight!

We reached the washrooms and I pushed open the first one, eager to get away from prying eyes and even more keen to begin stripping this sexy blonde girl naked so that I could take my fill of her fine body... She was just as interested and in fact as soon as the door closed behind us she was tearing at my jacket, pulling it and my white satin blouse aside so that her mouth had easy access to my bosoms and pushing me back on to the counter surface...