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Tales from the Mile High Club

Sexy escorts and their airport fun

6th March 2012

The powder rooms on a Boeing 747 are not particularly big, even in first class and so our coupling took on heroic proportions as three lusty people sought pleasure from each other in the cramped and confined space. But the effort was more than worth it. I had been completely aroused by my illicit liaison with the sexy blonde girl whom I had caught catching my sexual antics from earlier in the flight on camera. Her penance had been to give me some of the hottest girl on girl action I had ever experienced and I have to say that she more than achieved that ambition.

But when her husband had come looking for his absent bride and he had discovered us, hearing our low moans through the cubicle door and recognising his young wife’s voice we thought that there may be a price to pay. That didn’t turn out to be the case as the lusty man instead stepped in with us and decided that he too would enjoy some frisky fun. In such a tight space you couldn’t always be sure just who was pleasuring whom and so with that added spice I found the whole thing deliciously erotic.

After a quick twenty minute romp we decided that we had better return to the cabin lest we attract unwanted attention. Discretion is absolutely essential in my line of work now, just as it was when I was working as a busty escort at Airport escorts. Of the other visiting escorts I had known in my previous life at least three were working as air stewardesses and I could see that along with discretion it is also important to be prompt and professional, fun loving and friendly and dare I say it, being a sexy girl isn’t such a bad thing in either job. I know that I had often used my sexuality to diffuse tricky in flight situations though it would be fair to say that I used my considerable charms mostly to seduce those passengers to whom I took a shine! I was determined to be top of the mile high club leader board, a fun hobby for me and a number of the other girls, though not everyone took part...

For now I was doing pretty well and I could chalk up two more points in my score, my raunchy romp with the sexy blonde girl didn’t count which I have to say I don’t agree with but rules are rules! My Heathrow escorts friends would be pleased to hear of my exploits as would the girls at Gatwick escorts - all of my former friends taking an interest and rooting for me as if it were a competition like dancing on ice!