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13th April 2012

I had to hand it to the girl, she didn’t beat around the bush. Her whispered words resonated with me and I Knew that I had to find a way to get us some privacy and as soon as possible, I didn’t want the erotically charged moment to pass and the mood to be lost. Given the time of day and the fact that I did have stuff to do the options were severely limited. It would have been different if I had been with my usual crew rather than a team of strangers. With my guys someone would have stepped in to cover and they would have found a way to get me some alone time with the hot girl.

The busty beauty said she had seen me at Heathrow airport when I passed through the security check and that she had desired me from the first. This was a strange feeling for me, having the tables turned in this way had completely altered the sexual dynamics. Usually I was in control and I was the sexual predator, seeking and seducing my unwitting prey. But this girl more than matched me for confidence and her sexual aura was incredible. The poor guy sitting to her right in an aisle seat was clearly flustered but however hot and bothered he was he didn’t have a chance with this sexy girl as she had already decided who was going to benefit from her delicious, nubile, lithe and lovely body and that was me!

The one thing we had in our favour strangely was that we were both women. I had first noticed this when as a visiting escort I had met a client of Airport escorts at a hotel in Heathrow. Whenever I made my way to a date unaccompanied I would attract interest from women, whether the interest was sexual or merely a result of some innate curiosity I don’t know but when I was with another busty escort it was only men who paid any attention. And whenever I worked a cabin I knew that the women’s attention would turn to the in seat television as soon as the shopping programme came on. So, for me and my mystery lady to walk together to one of the wash rooms might get a guy or two looking our way I was certain that the women wouldn’t if I chose exactly the right moment. To distract the guys wouldn’t be so easy but I had the good fortune of one of my hostess colleagues making her towards us. She was a six foot Amazon with an amazing body and a flirty nature. Perfect.

I had thought about a suitable place for our hot assignation and the best bet as far as I was concerned was the first class cabin ladies washroom. There weren’t that many people travelling at a premium as it was a Saturday flight and so few businessmen were out and about, giving us two hot girls the chance to have our fun...