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Tales from the Mile High Club

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16th March 2012

One of the perks of the job for the heterosexual male flight crew was the availability of sexy air hostesses with whom to flirt. As far as the girls were concerned it wasn’t so much a perk as a pain, many of the pilots were getting a bit old in the tooth and were happily married, their days of partying  and living la vida loca with hot girls from the cabin crew long gone. The teasing and flirting was therefore just a form of banter and never usually came to much and that is why we girls were frustrated with the opportunities to forge a personal life from acquaintances made in your professional life. Jetting all over may seem glamorous but you rarely stopped over in any cool places for more than a day or so.

That’s why some of us had decided to create our own fun and our principal means of entertainment was to seduce male passengers and tally up our mile high club lovers. It was only a bit of fun but to be fair I had enjoyed some very hot and steamy erotic encounters during my mere six months of flying time. The lack of boyfriend material was also a reason some of the girls quit the job and took up work as visiting escorts working at Heathrow Airport, Gatwick airport, Luton Airport and all of the other London airports. They enjoyed the freedom that the job gave but still had some link with the airports so that we could all meet up and have fun nights out, usually themed around sexy airport girls looking for a hot date... I tried to combine both roles, working four days a week for the airline and two evenings a week for Airport Escorts. It suited me just great and combined all the things I loved most like meeting new people as well as the chance to have some sexy times with sexy people.

Tonight we were on a red eye flight to the Caribbean and I had already enjoyed two men and a very sexy girl in what was turning out to be a hugely erotic evening. And far from being sated my desire had in fact been increased by the hot carnal coupling. It was time that I looked out for the next lucky guy and as girls didn’t count when it came to the rules of the mile high club my next attempt at seduction would be aimed at a man...

I looked around the cabin in vain and it increasingly became clear that everyone was intent on getting some shut eye and most were already asleep. I walked down the steps to the next deck where the business class passengers were and it was the same story. I couldn’t go into standard class because that would draw attention to me when I should be working elsewhere...