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14th May 2012

If there is one movie that I would have loved to have appeared in it would be Eyes Wide Shut. I think it’s a really underrated movie and I just love the sexy scenes with Nicole Kidman in particular though the sex orgy scene isn’t half bad either! If you don’t know the film it’s about a couple whose marriage takes a strange turn when the wife admits to having fantasised about sex with a stranger she saw in a department store. This triggers all sorts of emotional insecurity and jealousy in her husband and he sets out on a bizarre journey through a sexual underworld in New York involving a sex cult, massed orgies and several sensual moments with scantily clad models.

During the orgy scene the women are all naked or semi naked, the only item of clothing they have on is a Venetian mask. It’s really sexy as you watch various couples and combinations of people enjoying lusty and carnal sex in a highly erotic setting. Tom Cruise plays the husband and he wanders from room to room at the mansion where the orgy is taking place, his identity hidden behind a mask and takes in all of the sexy scenes, at one point he is joined by a very sexy girl with magnificent breasts and he appears tempted to enjoy her body but declines, the bonds of his marriage still holding strong.

The busty escorts of Airport escorts have a girl get together every other week where we watch a sexy movie, drink beer and eat pizza. It’s an opportunity for the girls from the various escort agencies like Heathrow airport escorts and Gatwick airport escorts to catch up and have a chinwag. Usually we choose a movie that we know will make us chuckle though we always like it to have some sexual element or other. This was the first time we put on a movie without any comedy content and it really had an impact on my psyche, the whole psychological element of sexual relations being explored was very interesting and affecting.

One thing that surprised me was how sexy Nicole was. Some of the other Luton airport escorts had seen movies when she was younger like ‘To Die For’ and they told me that she was sex on a stick but I didn’t believe them until now as all of her movies I had seen were more recent Like Australia where frankly she is as sexy as my gran! I’m going to download ‘Malice’ and ‘Dead Calm’ to see what she was like when she was hot because in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ she is very sexy indeed and as a bi-sexual visiting escort I appreciate good form in a woman as well as a man!