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Tales from the Mile High Club

Red hot liaison for the Airport Escort

21st February 2012

Dion had been mortified to learn that her secret sex fest had been recorded for posterity and she begged the sometime Airport escort Vicky to delete the file. Whilst we had enjoyed getting one over on her our objectives had been accomplished, no longer would the cabin team leader be able to treat us with such disdain and from now on me and the other hot girls could flirt with the passengers to our hearts’ content and at this moment that is exactly what I intended to do. So, we agreed to her request and told her we would say no more about it but that the next time the cockpit crew wanted some ‘refreshment’ it would be the turn of one of the other girls and in reality that meant me, Vicky or Jennifer. The other two sexy girls on board were both in steady relationships and believed infidelity – more fool them I thought having tried the whole faithful thing and found it wanting. Just who wants to make love to the same person forever? I mean, I like chocolate but one day I will have a bounty and the next a bag of revels... We would have to tell our friends at Airport escorts though. They were due a laugh at Dion’s expense as one of the busty escort beauties had once worked with her at a major airline and Dion had made her life hell.

But for now I was thinking of only one thing, another sex fest and another notch on my mile high record sheet. Earlier, when I had enjoyed a raunchy romp with a hunky businessman in first class I had noticed a small but bright light emanating from the back of the cabin and I realised that someone was filming the two of us as I rode up and down on the guy’s groin, his huge manhood sending shivers down my spine and acute, intense sensations rocketing through my pleasure zones. So it wasn’t only me and Vicky who were using a digital device to record an Airport sex session on this flight. Whilst I wasn’t particularly bothered about retrieving the incriminating evidence – whoever had filmed me would have been doing so for their own purposes and would look a fool if they revealed what they did – I was interested in a little more loving and this person seemed as good as any to be the object of my attentions. I knew the row...

I walked to the back of the cabin and stood where I could see row G, the last row in first class. There were two seats and both were occupied, one by a man and one by a women. Checking the passenger manifest I found out they were husband and wife. Even more of interest was that the guy was a well known celebrity and I could see that his blonde, nubile wife was much younger than he. But he was clearly asleep whilst she was reading a woman’s magazine. Then I noticed her smartphone on her lap which she was evidently attempting to conceal...