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11th April 2012

I really didn’t expect to be so openly propositioned and by a young women to boot. It was a mid day flight and only five hours duration to New York’s JFK airport and on these routine hops across the Atlantic there was usually no sexy action whatsoever. Given I was a stand in anyway and that should have settled things: no mile high nookie for me. But as I was serving drinks in economy a really hot girl sitting in a window seat spoke to me, her voice one of those sexy, breathless ones like the sexy young women in a movie might use. She spoke so quietly I was forced to bend right over to get close to her, something that was much appreciated by the guy in the aisle seat whose eyes immediately locked on to my pert and braless breasts. I played up to him by ‘accidentally’ resting my elbow on his groin as I spoke with the alluring girl and made sure that I moved in tune to the mild turbulence. I actually found myself enjoying my naughty little interlude with the middle aged passenger, almost forgetting that I was meant to be trying to hear the timid voice of the sexy girl two seats across from him!

As I was as close as I was expecting to go the girl suddenly reached out and placed a hand around my neck, pulling me in so that she could whisper in my ear. “I’m feeling hot and need to make love” she cooed, “and I noticed you looking at me and I think you’re hot too. Is there anywhere we can go?” I looked into her eyes questioningly, unsure of what had just passed between us. Then she added, “I saw you at Heathrow Airport when you went through with the rest of the cabin crew and I can tell that you are a physical person, you like sex and I’m willing to wager that you want me right now...”

Her words trailed off and the content of her utterance began to register with me. I was being hit on and by a model escort looking, very hot girl. She looked amazing and I’m sure that my words will not do justice to her looks or sex appeal but I’ll try. She was as pretty as a busty escort from Airport escorts, as ravishing as a sex kitten. She was a brunette and had a short ‘bob’ style haircut. Her eyes were an incredible deep blue and her skin was very white and pale, as though she hadn’t been out in the sun like, forever. She was wearing a short skirt with a dungaree style top, the integral ‘braces’ attached to the front and looping over her deliciously angled shoulder blades. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath as I had already checked out the side view of her magnificent breasts...