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Tales from the Mile High Club

No mystery with sexy Celeste

16th June 2012

Celeste appeared, a big excited smile across her face, and walked towards me. She exuded sex appeal and she had the kind of wiggle that would turn heads, especially as her uniform was so tight fitting, the skirt stretched taut across her perfect rear.

She had been told that as the new girl she was going to be given the extra special tour and that included a spell in the first class cabin with me. She looked every bit as delicious as she had done the first time that I had set eyes upon her in the departure lounge at Heathrow airport. I had been enjoying a naughty glass of wine – which one is not supposed to do when working but all of the girls did it, it’s amazing what a breath mint can do for you – with another air stewardess and a couple of busty escorts from Airport escort services, the escort agency I used to work with though I was based at the Gatwick visiting escort agency.

The tour was a slight of hand on my part as I wanted a chance to talk to the sexy girl, find out all about her and if I thought there was a spark of sexual chemistry I would attempt to seduce her, after all I was an expert, skilled in the art of seduction and the techniques of hot sex. I had made love to at least a dozen men whilst on long haul flights and each and every erotic encounter was still fresh in my mind. Each man had been different, some young and some older, some tall and some short but one thing they all had in common was an insatiable appetite for my nubile body. There was something exhilarating and intensely exciting about having sex with strangers. The anticipation, the build-up, the seduction, the look of surprise on a guy’s face when he realises that you want him and intend to have him right there and then, the naughty element of making love whilst in the air and the possibility that you will get caught. I couldn’t imagine having hum drum sex ever again. I had been completely hooked after my first introduction to the mile high club.

And now my latest prey stood close by. I had never seduced a young woman during a flight though I did have plenty of experience of Sapphic sex having been introduced to the joys of lesbian sex by an instructor at the college for air hostesses and then having got into a relationship for a while with a brunette escort from Luton escorts. There was something particularly soft and sensual about kissing another girl and let’s face it, a woman knows how to pleasure a woman…