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7th June 2012

There’s something about going on holiday that makes people feel sexier and ready for some hot loving. I don’t know whether it’s the change of scenery, the anticipation of letting your hair down, the remoteness of a holiday resort which implies that you can leave your usual ‘standards’ of behaviour behind or just that hotel rooms are sexy places! Working in the industry that I do, I mean my day job as an air hostess rather than my extra-curricular activities as a hot and young airport escort I come across loads of randy guys who simply cannot resist trying to chat me up and get me into bed.

I suppose there is also something about the job itself. For starters I get to wear a sexy uniform and we flight attendants have always been associated with style and glamour right back to the fifties. Then there is the fact that when I am working the cockpit and cabin I am always stretching and bending over and when I sit in my seat for takeoff my skirt rises halfway up my thigh. I’m sure it’s intentionally designed that way! I don’t mind though as I love to flirt and I do have something of an exhibitionist streak in me. Then there is the fact that in this line of work you have to be approachable and friendly, pleasant even when someone is being rather rude and getting in your face! In real life there are quite a few barriers to building up this sort of relationship so quickly and so I guess for some guys it’s almost as if you are a potential girlfriend because you are talking nicely to them. Finally I have to wear makeup which makes me look as though I am going out on the town on a date rather than doing an eight hour trans Atlantic shift!

Many of the same qualities come in useful, in fact they are de rigueur, as a visiting escort and the various escort agencies I have been based at such as Luton airport escorts and Gatwick airport escorts have always stressed the need to be companionable as well as downright sexy. Some girls are under the misapprehension that to be a good visiting escort you simply have to be sex on a stick delicious but while sex and sensuality are important factors they are not the only thing, it’s important that you genuinely enjoy going on dates as well and making people feel relaxed and happy is a prime consideration.

So I suppose that I am perfectly suited to both of my endeavours and I have had no complaints thus far, well at least none about my work as an outcall escort. I did get a guy unhappy with me on a flight once when after he had consumed far too much bubbly I refused to join the mile high club with him. Now if he had been sober...