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Tales from the Mile High Club

Mile High Club, part two

23rd January 2012

Another one of the strict rules that we had was that it had to be a passenger, not a fellow attendant or a pilot or anything. Oh and the last rule was that you got double points if you made love anywhere on the airplane except the restroom!

So, I was a woman on a mission. My time as a sexy Airport Escort had prepared me well. I could read a man in minutes and I knew exactly what turned him on. I was renowned for my sensual massages though of course that wasn’t going to serve me well in the air, even in first class I think people would notice me straddling a traveller in wild abandon, tossing my hair from side to side and my bosoms bursting out of my tight white uniform blouse... It was eye contact and a flash of thigh, especially if I could give a glimpse of a stocking top – that would hook my next fish, as always... and this sexy Airport Escort would have her fun once more...

I was scheduled for the red eye to Miami, a wide bodied jet with capacity for over four hundred people. This being midweek the plane was only half full, perfect for my plans. When you want to seduce a guy of course it helps if it’s an overnight flight – I might even break my record and have sex in the airport almost – and being less crowded is s godsend, fewer prying eyes to worry about. Mind, if it’s a guy watching and he plays along then that can be kinky too...

I breezed through security with my pals Amy and Samantha. There were three other girls on the crew tonight as well as two boys but they were nowhere to be seen which was all right by me as the Cabin Team Leader, Devon, was a real bitch and had it in for me. I had known Amy for some time now as like me she worked two jobs, airline hostess and when time permitted Visiting Airport Escort. She was very popular with the clients and it was easy to see why. First of all it was her height, at five foot eleven she towered over the rest of us and with her svelte frame she could have passed for a super model escort. Next up: her eyes, startlingly blue and wide and fresh. Her long legs and flowing blonde locks complete the picture of perfection. Samantha didn’t work as a hot escort but she could have. She was the diametric opposite of Amy, though she was still slight, no more than a size two. But she had short jet black hair in a sharp styled bob; you had to be pretty to pull off that style! Her dark green eyes give her a sultry look about her. Ravishing... and the three of us hot Airport girls all walking arm in arm together in our sexy little air hostess uniforms looked so seductive that I swear people were standing open mouthed as we walked by....