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Magic Mike leaves something to be desired

12th July 2012

If there was ever going to be a mainstream movie made about male strippers then you just knew that Matthew McConaughey would be in it! The sexy star of such movies as ‘How to Lose a guy in ten days’, Sahara’, ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ and ‘The wedding planner’ is well known for his predilection to get off his shirt at every opportunity to display a fine set of chiselled abs and impressive pecs! He is the object of many a girls’ affection and he has his fans here at Airport escorts as well I can tell you. He is undeniably a hunk and has that Southern boy charm that works so well on the ladies. In his private life he has dated many beautiful women but he has been married since two thousand and seven to the beautiful Camila Alves so sorry girls he’s not available!

Anyway for me his latest movie just seems like a big slice of cheese with extra cheese on top! I once went to a Chippendales show with some of the sexy escorts from Gatwick escorts and Heathrow escorts and whilst many of the hot escorts loved it I just felt a little, well, frustrated if I’m honest! I’m a physical kind of gal and whilst like many sexy women I have a fertile and active imagination when it comes to sex I like my desire to be requited! It’s like staring at a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate in a shop window then walking on by. To be watching a bunch of hot guys gyrating their sexy stuff and getting all hot and sweaty as they lose their clothes yet to sit there like a lemon and just scream and squeal every now and then is a strange proposition - where’s the fun in that?

To be fair ‘Magic Mike’ is directed by a reputable film maker and does appear to have some serious content. Mr McConaughey plays a character called Dallas who manages a nightclub called Xquisite which features male strippers. The star of the show is Magic Mike, played by Channing Tatum and so it goes on… Generally it’s soap opera fare with adult themes but no doubt Matthew’s many admirers will love the fact that he bares, if not all, at least enough to keep them happy!

I went to see the movie on a date with a client of the escort agency and we had a good time, the story is lightweight but enough fun and with some lively action to keep most folk amused. Just don’t expect any Oscar winning performances or a thought provoking script! It will fill an hour or two is a fair date movie but nothing more.