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Tales from the Mile High Club

Lust for a new girl...

12th June 2012

The flight had been relatively uneventful and for once I didn’t have any difficult passengers to deal with. We had taken off from Heathrow airport at ten in the evening and after an hour or so most of the passengers in the first class cabin were asleep or at least snoozing, leaving me to my own devices. I should have been using the time to sort out the breakfast that we would be serving before we landed at Hong Kong. Or should I write Lantau Island as that is where the new airport is. I’m too young to have flown into the old airport in Hong Kong itself but I am reliably informed that it was a quite terrifying descent between the mountains so I’m glad I missed out!

Instead of applying myself to the tasks in hand I was instead thinking about my new colleague, the sexy girl I had first seen when I had been enjoying a quick snack at the airport with my friends from Airport Escorts. The busty escorts from Heathrow visiting escorts had joined me in admiring her stunning beauty and her delicious, slim and sexy body. I had wanted her the moment I set eyes upon her and I had been ever so excited when I discovered that she would be joining my crew for this flight. Unfortunately she was working cattle and that meant a problem. So, how to get the hot girl into my domain where I would have more opportunity to seduce her and to introduce her to the mile high club, a sexy game that quite a few of us hostesses indulged in. The idea is simple enough, spot someone you fancy and make love to them whilst the plane is in the air. Whoever is most successful at having sex with a stranger is the winner though there was no prize, just the fun of it all.

I got on the blower and called Suzy, a good friend of mine whom I had told about my lust for the sexy girl and who was the team leader for the main cabin. How about I show the sexy new girl the first class area, it would be a good experience for her after all… Suzy laughed as she knew exactly what I was up to but she agreed all the same and pretty soon the ravishing blonde girl with the luscious lips to die for was winging her way to me. Now it all rested on my silver tongue and whether she had any propensity for illicit sex…

I felt really excited as I anticipated her arrival and she didn’t disappoint, she looked as nubile and delicious as I remembered her and her smile was radiant. I noted the tightness of her satin blouse against her breasts and I longed to have her…