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Tales from the Mile High Club

Loving Airport escort has her eyes wide shut

3rd May 2012

Being someone who is always on the lookout for a sexy time, especially when it involves eroticism or some element of mystique I was thoroughly frustrated by Hermione’s silence. I had managed to get the girl to reveal just what her fascinating pendant represented but she wouldn’t go any further, simply stating that it was an invitation only affair and that she was not in a position to proffer such a thing to me. I know it’s a little childish but when I am told I can’t have a thing I want it all the more and so I decided to find out all I could about the ex Airport escort with a view to infiltrating the sex club and seeing for myself just what it was that they got up to. I was pretty sure that there was nothing untoward and I emphasise that it was a sex club not a sex cult, though the latter may have had its own attractions, LOL.

I spoke to two girls who used to know the sexy siren really well, Vicky, a hot English escort at Luton airport escorts and Terry, a leggy blonde escort at City airport escorts to see if they could fill me in on any details. Both of the busty escorts were no help at all however and said that Hermione had never once mentioned joining any underground cabal though her demeanour did seem different after a stop over to Berlin recently.

Like me Hermione worked as an air hostess for one of the better known global carriers and like me she was based at Heathrow, convenient for meeting up with our friends from the local escort agency. Sometimes I missed the life of a visiting escort. It had been non-stop fun as far as I was concerned and there was something special about being an Airport escort as the businessmen and women who availed themselves of a sensual massage were exciting dates, jetting about everywhere and living on eternal room service at four and five star airport hotels. My original plan had been to combine the two roles but soon after starting at the airline I discovered that the timetables and the unpredictable delays and whatnot meant that I couldn’t plan even a few days ahead and so it just wasn’t going to work out.

I awoke from my brief reverie as I noticed the famous actor standing across the way, looking me up and down. My skirt had ridden up over my thigh and I had been caught unawares. When I spotted him he simply smiled, that big, beautiful, beaming movie star smile of his and my heart melted. Was there time for some saucy fun?