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I love a sexy girl in a uniform...

13th March 2012

My affair with the instructor lasted the rest of the time I was at the hotel. She would visit me in my hotel room during the night and ravish me, as though she couldn’t get her fill of my body or the sensual massages we enjoyed together. As far as sexual experiences go Jennifer was a revelation and taught me to understand my own body as well as how to please a lover. Given the age difference the relationship was also useful to me, understanding that the pace of love making need not always be frantic and greedy. Many of the young guys I had slept with were of a wham bam thank you ma’am mentality and put their own needs above mine. With Jennifer there was a mutual understanding of our desires and we made an effort to give as well as to receive pleasure. My first internal orgasm was at the hands, and tongue of the sexy woman.

Being a visiting escort at Airport escorts means that I get to meet all sorts of different guys, as well as some very sexy girls, on a regular basis. I like to think that my time as an air hostess has helped me when it comes to people skills and vice versa. The one major difference is that as a busty escort I always get to meet friendly and fun loving folk in pleasant, sometimes romantic locations whereas working the aisles you can often have to deal with a difficult customer in a cramped and confined environment. I guess that’s why I have often returned to Heathrow airport escorts when life has become a little too dull! There’s nothing like a sexy date and a soft and slow sensual massage to give a person a boost and whilst Airport escorts are available on a twenty four seven basis I only ever work weekends because I fly during the week, so that’s all good too!

After the initial training I got to work on the check in desk at Gatwick airport and later as a customer assistant at Heathrow airport which was where I first met the Airport escorts who would eventually become my friends and then later still my colleagues at the escort agency. They were such fun loving girls, and real stunners too, and they seemed to be having a blast. When your job is to provide intimate companionship on a sexy date with a friendly client then it can’t be too bad can it! I certainly knew of a lot of girls who would have swapped places but then not everyone has the attributes that I had, confidence and sexiness most notable among them, to be able to carry it off.