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Tales from the Mile High Club

Hot airport escorts and a brief encounter

22nd May 2012

They had been in the washroom for quite some time and I began to think that I had indeed misjudged the situation. I hadn’t even bothered to make a move on my man, thinking what was the point if Cherie had been successful in seducing the gorgeous blonde girl. But then, after a full fifteen minutes the pair emerged, a little flushed and with the young businesswoman still doing up the top buttons of her blouse. That didn’t necessarily mean anything as she did have wine spilled down her front after all but the guilty look on her face told its own story...

Cherie didn’t follow the sexy girl back to her seat; instead she ducked into the galley. I wasted no time in making my way to her as I wanted to know chapter and verse about what had happened. I had never doubted the sexy escort and her capacity to woo, but I had not thought that the girl was amenable to a lesbian approach. She gave off all the signs that she was interested in men, never once glancing at Cherie or me even though we had the allure and appeal of hot visiting escorts. The hot girls at airport escorts would have been amused by my bemusement but I just hadn’t seen this coming and that was strangely unusual for me as I am usually very good at reading people.

When I reached my sexy escort friend I asked her what happened and instead of replying she just handed me her mobile phone but warned me to have the sound set to mute... I pressed play and what unfolded before me was a graphic representation of the carnal encounter between the two women that had played out only minutes before.

The first shots were vague as no doubt Cherie was choosing the perfect place to rest the device. Then it all became clearer and I recognised the first class passenger. Cherie was unbuttoning her blouse, ostensibly to clean it of the red wine stain down the girl's front but her fingers lingered a moment too long and instead of removing the garment Cherie used it to pull the sexy young woman close, kissing her on the neck...

The camera registered the shocked look on the woman’s face but then she softened and soon the two were locked in a lusty embrace, with tongues and fingers exploring with abandon. Cherie pushed the blouse back and off the girls shoulders and then she unclasped her bra, revealing a pair of gorgeous, nubile breasts. Cherie’s attention turned to the hard erect nipples, her tongue pleasuring the sexy executive. I could only imagine the soft and sensual moaning with the sound turned down...