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Goodbye Emmanuelle

19th October 2012

I read with sadness today that Sylvia Krystel, star of the wonderful Emmanuelle films has dies of cancer, aged sixty. Having watched plenty of erotic movies in my time I would be hard pressed to name any other actress that I have seen clothed, or undressed in any one of them and yet I will never forget Ms Krystel and her incredibly sensual portrayal of the sexually adventurous Emmanuelle.

In the first movie – she played the character in a further four films – she is the bored housewife Emmanuelle whose libertarian husband encourages her to explore her sexuality. He is an international businessman and they live in Bangkok, where the rest of the movie plays out as the sexy young woman enjoys a variety of trysts with other women and multiple men. There is something vulnerable about the young Sylvia – she was only twenty one when the move was made – and I defy anyone to watch the scene on the plane without almost falling in love with her – or in lust as the case may be. The way that she flutters her eyelids, allows herself to be ravished by not one but two strangers, the look on her face – a combination of innocence and desire – all combines to make this one of the hottest scenes in cinema. And there are many more as an older man takes her on a voyage of sexual discovery.

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