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Girls with more than the X factor

24th September 2012

I saw an article today that mentioned that the X Factor was down to the final twenty four acts – I didn’t even realise that it was on at all! To be fair if I knew that there was a woman as stunning as Carolynne Poole to be enjoyed then I might have watched but is it just me or have all of these talent shows had their day?

It’s not just that the format has become tired, or that the back stories seem to matter more than the performance for me. It’s because there just isn’t the talent to warrant a series worth of television. Really gifted people have already made it. You might find the odd novelty act still – let’s face it Susan Boyle’s voice is only average and her boat race would put you off your pie and chips – but as genuine entertainment I can’t see the X Factor ever again pulling in serious viewing figures.

I think it’s partly down to a change in mood amongst the public. There has been something of a backlash against the early episodes which reek of exploitation of the dumb and dumberer! Or it could be that there is just so much of the rubbish out there people are tired.

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