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27th August 2013

To what lengths would you go to win over the girl of your dreams? If you are in the know, like the loyal and canny clients of Airport Escorts you will simply make a single phone call and let the experts do the rest. But if you are Monty Don, the rather dull television presenter of series such as ‘Bore for Britain’ (I made that up!) then your idea of seduction is to get down on your hands and knees and mow an entire lawn using nail clippers. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, getting grass stains on your pants or telling the world about it. Apparently the fifty eight year old had promised to cut his girlfriend’s grass – no euphemism intended – and couldn’t find the key to the garden shed. The old romantic the proceeded to go snip, snip with kitchen scissors. OK, not quite so extreme as nail clippers but some poetic licence is allowed when writing these blogs!

The most romantic (or is that stupid) thing I ever did to win over a girl was to play football on a beach in Africa with the local guys, barefoot. Given they were all super fit twenty-somethings and I was… how shall I put it, a little past my prime it was quite the contest. Still, it did the trick.

It’s a lot easier calling Airport or Bedfordshire Escorts when you want to win over wickedly wonderful women for a date though, don’t you think? I for one certainly do.