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Tales from the Mile High Club

Frisky fun at five thousand feet

28th May 2012

Making love quietly has never been one of my strengths and I struggled to remain silent as the hot and horny guy took full advantage of his unexpected sexual bonus. My friend Cherie was covering for me but all that meant was that she was taking up any slack when it came to my duties and also keeping an eye out in case any of the cabin crew came my way. If I awoke someone in the first class cabin with my screams of pleasure and delight then that was another matter!

My lover placed a hand across my mouth as I once more threatened to give the game away but by stifling my moans it somehow reduce the pleasure and my excitement. I like sex to be wild and abandoned and having to moderate my natural reactions just wasn’t doing it for me. MY date could tell and he reacted with some disappointment as I called a premature halt to the lusty proceedings. To assuage his feelings of frustration I whispered in his ear that I would be staying at a certain hotel in Heathrow airport and if he wanted to pay me a visit after we had landed then I would look forward to seeing him. That seemed to do the trick and a big beaming smile returned to his handsome face.

Steeping back into the preparation cabin I stood and chatted with Cherie, like two naughty schoolgirls we giggled our way through a discussion of our sexual exploits and planned what we would say to the airport escorts we were due to meet with later that day. Of course, given I would no doubt be receiving a visitor I had to ask Cherie to tell the busty escorts that I would be delayed somewhat. Given how demanding my lover had been I figured that I could be delayed for some considerable time!

After this trip we were both free for a week and so I planned to catch up with my pals at Luton airport escorts. It had been a while since I had seen them because I was based at Heathrow airport and sometimes at Gatwick airport so the sexy escorts weren’t exactly just around the corner from me. I missed those girls but so be it, that’s life and all that.

There was an hour or so left of the flight and I could see that Cherie was up to something. The sexy girl in her executive suit had been making doe eyes and it looked as though my friend was keen on second helpings. Unlike me she could hold herself back when it came to loud moaning and groaning during sex and I envied the stunning model her self restraint.