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Do you like to sext?

10th October 2012

I just can’t help myself reading the problems pages in the tabloid newspapers. I know that I shouldn’t but they are a guilty pleasure. I find myself shouting out “don’t be such an idiot” when someone is stating the bleeding obvious and just doesn’t seem to grasp the fact.

Take a letter in the Daily Mirror today about sexting. For those not in the know ‘sexting’ is when a couple send flirtatious, sexually explicit texts to each other. It’s a kind of virtual sex without pictures! Like dating in the dark I suppose but without touching. Or sex with your missus with the lights out – not all that satisfying! Anyway, you get the point.

Well, in this letter a guy has been sexting with a hot colleague (who is being chased by all the male workers at her office) and he wants to take things further. They spent a night together in a hotel room but didn’t have sex. Well, that on its own tells you all you need to know about this ‘relationship’. Anyway, following the sexless hotel experience the girl doesn’t want to sext anymore and he asks plaintively, ‘how do I get her to be her old self again?’

She – is – just – not – that – in – to – you… I mean, jeez, what does he want, a public announcement? She has been playing a game, probably sexts with all of the guys at work. If she really had the hots for him then she would have shown it during the hotel dalliance.

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