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Tales from the Mile High Club

Chance encounter with a sexy girl at the airport left me breathless

9th June 2012

I was enjoying a cup of delicious coffee in the Starbucks at Heathrow airport (don’t you just love the Starbucks cappuccino though it doesn’t come cheap!) when I first noticed the new girl. She was wearing the exact same uniform as me but I could tell from the insignia and lack of chevrons that she was barely out of the training college. What had struck me was her height and poise. She walked with the gait of a catwalk model and the assured confidence of a visiting escort from airport escorts. Her long blonde hair looked perfect and she was immaculately groomed. It may sound rather clichéd but her long legs really did seem to reach up to her armpits and I could see from her toned calves that underneath the pristine uniform the sexy girl was in great shape. I also loved her luscious, pouting lips and the understated pink lipstick that she had smeared across them. I had a quick fantasy in fact of me pressing the girl hard against the wall of the cabin and kissing her hard.

I was with some of my friends from Heathrow airport escorts along with a girl who worked both as an air attendant as well as an outcall escort at Gatwick airport escorts. They too were struck by this enigmatic beauty and we joked that if we were in to hot girl on girl sex then she would be our choice of girl crush! It had been some time since I had last enjoyed a lesbian liaison and looking at this hot girl I thought another Sapphic sex session was long overdue!

I left it until the last minute, savouring every drop of my delicious drink and bidding my visiting escort friend farewell before dashing to the airline staff lounge where I could finish getting ready for my flight and receive the briefing from the captain. I knew most of the crew but I was ever so excited to see that my mystery girl was among them. She was introduced as Serena and we all smiled generously at her, welcoming her on board the team. She seemed friendly enough though she was rather more reserved when being probed about her history. A little birdie told me that she had something to hide and I became more and more intrigued with every question she so expertly deflected.

After a ten minute talk from the captain we grabbed our flight bags and headed out to the plane. I deliberately stayed to the back so that I could enjoy her glorious, round rear, her wiggle a thing of sexual beauty. I was awestruck by her sensuality, her grace and style. I just had to have this hot and sexy young girl and I began to concoct a plan to seduce her…