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Tales from the Mile High Club

An alluring combination of brains, beauty and a body to die for

19th June 2012

If you excuse the pun Celeste was as mysterious as the famous ship with the prefix ‘Marie’. She had a calm and an assuredness about her that I found intriguing but also an innocence that was alluring and oh so precious. I was used to being desired by men and normally it took little more than a snap of my fingers to have them chasing after me. With my slender figure and firm breasts the attraction for most of those who attempted to seduce me was obvious and having known many of the sultry and exotic European escorts and the girl next door English escorts at the various escort agencies that made up the family that is Airport escorts I had learned how to make the most of my many assets, not least my mind. Intelligence and a great body is a lethal combination when it comes to being wanted physically but I also know that an air of mystery can add something special to the mix. Celeste had all three attributes but she did not use them as a weapon as a lesser mortal might, she simply existed and exuded a presence and a sexual power that was magnified by her lack of awareness of her appeal.

With her standing only inches away from me I was reminded of a girl I had known some time ago, a busty escort beauty from Luton airport escorts who drifted through life as a free spirit, wild and wanton. She didn’t need the constant reassurance that some women crave, she just went about life as though it were an enjoyable adventure, taking each day as it came and living in the moment. That was something that I had always struggled to do, my mind constantly thinking about what was to come whether that was the next hour, the next day or further ahead. I was acutely aware of those around me and I had to add a veneer of confidence to my actions on those occasions when I was out of my comfort zone. With Celeste I got the impression that she just ‘was’… It was devilishly attractive but also disconcerting. How would she react to my advances? Should I simply lay the groundwork for another more suitable occasion when I could use all of the tools of seduction to have my way with the girl? Did she even find the idea of lesbian love to her taste?

When she entered the first class cabin the sexy girl made quite an impression on the businessmen trying to shorten the flight by watching the in house movies or by drinking numerous alcoholic drinks and mixers. Normally I would have selected one of the men for my own entertainment but today I was focussed on the hot girl. It wouldn’t have been difficult, since we took to the sky at least three of the passengers had made a pass at me…