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Tales from the Mile High Club

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14th February 2012

It was then that picky Vicky burst into the small galley kitchen, her eyes wide and a huge grin on her face. She was so breathless and excited that she struggles to emit anything other than a high pitched squeak. I was desperate to know just what was the matter with her but after several attempts to regain her composure she simply handed over her smart phone and pressed play. It took me a moment or two to understand what was going on and then I realised that it was a recording of the time that the cabin team leader Dion had spent in the cockpit with the captain and his co-pilot. What I heard was red hot and confirmed what all of the Airport escorts had been telling us Airport girls for months, Dion was something of a goer...

I had always been suspicious of her cockpit visits. She never allowed any of the other girls to take in the tea and snacks; it always had to be her. And then there was the fact that she would spend an inordinate, disproportionate amount of time in the cockpit – why didn’t she just leave the foodstuffs and get back to the day job? Finally, several sexy Airport escorts had alluded to her past as in her youth she had been something of a wild child in the clubs and bars of her native Arsenal and one of the busty escorts from Airport escorts had seen her on several occasions sexing up the city...

The recording was dynamite. It seemed that there were few precursors to getting down to the lusty action. Just moments after entering the cabin the hot Airport girl was performing a strip tease to the accompaniment of the male crew members humming the famous tune so beloved of comedy scriptwriters. And then it was only seconds after that that you could hear the unmistakeable moans and groans of the horny girl and guys as they engaged in hot sex culminating in a deep orgasmic sigh. It was clear that she was pleasuring both of the guys and getting plenty of fun in return. This was useful stuff and used judiciously would certainly mean the end of her tyranny. Her power over us hot Airport girls was at an end.

But listening to the red hot recording had stirred my own desire once more and I thought about the other recording that had been taking place shortly before Vicky burst in, namely the videotaping that one of the passengers in first class had done whilst I had been making love to my latest mile high club conquest. Now where was the naughty guy and did he know just how lucky he was about to become?