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A visiting escort to an airport hotel for your dating pleasure

7th April 2012

Whenever someone asks me about the differences between my work in the air for a major airline and my work on the ground as an Airport escort I always say the beverages and on seeing the puzzled faces I explain that whenever I work as an air stewardess my only tipple is a cup of tea or coffee but that as a visiting escort I get to drink all sorts of fine wine, cava, champagne and more. Being able to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two whilst with a client is a real perk of the job in my opinion! Otherwise the two roles are very similar in that you meet new people and you get along with them, anticipating their every need and making sure that they have a great time and are completely satisfied. In fact rather than these two jobs being different there is more of a gap between being an Airport escort and an outcall escort at say an escort agency that is situated in a town or city.

Being a busty escort at one of the airports, be it Heathrow, Gatwick, City Airport, Luton or Stansted airports, means that you will meet lots of new people whilst occasionally seeing a regular client who perhaps travels the same route on business every week or month or so. When I worked at an escort agency in Hertfordshire most of my clients were local and regulars and so I could see the same guy two or even three times a week. Getting to know someone better enhances the dating experience in my experience and I would recommend that a guy books at least a two hour slot with a girl!

Currently I am based at Gatwick and that’s cool because at least it has plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and feels like a medium sized town more than an airport really. With millions of passengers passing through every day it has a bustling and cosmopolitan feel though I can get a bit fed up with all of the walking that is required to get from one terminal hotel to another! Don’t dismiss this out of hand – remember I wear stiletto heels and I don’t mean those pint sized pretend ones, I mean the mother of all high heels and they take some taming I can tell you! And another thing – I often wear knee length or even shorter skirts and when teamed with stockings and suspenders I don’t have the same protection from draughts that someone wearing leggings or tights has. Those floating walkways at Gatwick Airport can be seriously chilly I kid you not! You see, it’s not all glamour being a sexy escort at the London Airports... Now, if only I can bag one of those private jet gigs...