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A special treat for her man...

4th August 2014

What would you do if your girlfriend booked an escort as a birthday treat? Or arranged for a special massage to help you enjoy your special day? Would you go with the flow or just say no?

I read an interesting story at the weekend about comedian stroke activist Russell Brand and his partner Jemima Khan. Apparently she booked a masseur for a birthday treat and when the sexy girl arrived at the couple’s mansion the renowned so called swordsman Brand turned her away. There are not many women who would invite a sexy young blonde into her home to provide such an intimate service for her man. We can only guess that Jemima is as hot in real life as she appears on the pages of the tabloids. But for Russ to turn down such an opportunity has to be unheard of…

This masseur charges £500 a session by the way! Can you imagine? I mean, the amazing escorts at Airport Escorts will cost you only a fraction of that amount for a wonderful sensual massage in the comfort of your hotel room or at your place of residence, and I am willing to bet that these gorgeous blonde and brunette escorts will treat you every bit as special. If you are lucky enough to be dating a woman as open minded as Brand’s then perhaps you could even persuade her to treat you for your birthday. I’ve never been that lucky I have to say but then I quite enjoy the idea of booking two escorts when I am in the mood for some seriously fun times: a girlfriend would only get jealous! Enjoy the summer and enjoy a stunner from Airport Escorts.