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Tales from the Mile High Club

A fun time with a hot Heathrow escort

19th May 2012

Cherie had nonchalantly spilled a half glass of champagne into the sexy young woman’s lap and immediately apologised. I was sure that I couldn’t be the only own who could hear the insincerity in her tone! But to my surprise and chagrin her little ruse appeared to work for when she suggested that the hot girl accompany her to the first class washroom she immediately agreed. As the two sexy girls walked in tandem to the toilet all eyes were on their gorgeous posteriors, mine included. Cherie just oozed sex and sexuality and most men found her irresistible – but would this woman?

Cherie and I went way back, far beyond our days as visiting escorts at Heathrow escorts and Gatwick escorts respectively. We knew each other from Sixth Form College and even then she had a way with the men. Her beauty allied to a drop dead sexy attitude and a perfect body meant that she was constantly hit upon for dates and so it was inevitable that she would choose to become a busty escort. She also had this ability to be the ultimate sex bomb or a sweet and innocent girl next door type. I don’t know how she did it, but a few moments working on her hair and she could be transformed from one to the other. Whilst I could match her in the looks stakes I just didn’t have her versatility – with me it was all upfront sex, sex and more sex appeal and as a hot airport escort I had my fair share of loyal clients who enjoyed my form of intimate companionship and sexy sensual massages. But Cherie was just the ultimate in outcall escorts, an unbeatable combination of allure and innocence that men found intoxicating. But did the girls feel the same way?

Cherie had made a bet with me that she could seduce the young female business executive before I could enjoy the handsome man in the third row of first class. I had been rather laissez faire about the whole thing as I felt I just needed to whisper a couple of words in his ear and he would be mine in no time. I had weighed up the girl and thought that she was heterosexual through and through and what’s more she was wearing a wedding ring. What were the odds she would succumb to Cherie’s brand of seduction? And yet, the first stage of her plan had worked perfectly and she would now have the girl to herself in private which would give her the opportunity to make a pass.

Making a pass is one thing but for the sexy blonde escort to be successful is another. And furthermore how would she prove it even if she did manage to make love to the girl and add another notch to her mile high club bed post?