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Tales from the Mile High Club

A famous fling for the hot and sexy girls

19th April 2012

As her mouth pressed hard against my lips and her hands caressed my nubile body I could think of nothing but the girl. She was a force of nature, a lightning bolt of a million volts, a tropical storm that ravaged everything in its path. Her lust and passion was intense and my body responded to her prompting, my nipples erect and waiting to be enjoyed and stimulated, my back arched and my erogenous zones in overdrive. Her fingers and tongue played with my body and I could feel the heat rising in the confined space. I was short of breath and light headed, my heart pounding. Delicious sensations washed over me and I yearned for satisfaction.

I whispered to my lover, asking her what was her name and she replied ‘Sophie’ before her lips stopped mine once more and we enjoyed another frantic exchange of wet kisses. I caressed the sexy girl, running my fingers through her long brunette locks and stroking the back of her neck as I urged her on to another level of lovemaking.

When her kisses travelled from my face to my neck and then my breasts and my stomach I tensed up in anticipation of her final destination, my wetness increasing as I made myself ready to receive her. In an orgy of fingers and tongues she took me and my feelings whirled as I became putty in her hands, the incredible sensations of good sex rocking my world. This had been an unexpected dalliance, a spur of the moment rollercoaster ride that took me to peaks of pleasure I had never known before.

After we had both enjoyed an almighty release of sexual energy, the mother of all orgasms we rearranged our clothing and chatted for a while. With her confidence and sexual assuredness I wanted to find out a little more about Sophie. Had she ever worked as a visiting escort, perhaps for a London agency or even at one of the firms I had worked as a companion for, Heathrow escorts and Gatwick airport escorts? She hadn’t. Had she ever worked as a hostess at a club? Perhaps she danced for a living?

Her face was enigmatic, her demeanour calm and collected. The hot girl seemed amused by my persistent questioning rather than irritated though and so I continued to delve into her private life. Ever dated a girl before? Ever been on a date with a busty escort? She continued to answer in the negative, shaking her head as if urging me on to do better.

After some time she looked at me incredulously and said, “Do you really not know who I am?” At this point I stopped dead and my tracks and looked at the beauty, really looked. I almost laughed out loud when I realised. I had just been having hot sex, joining the mile high club, with one of the most famous of female television stars in Britain...